Monday, 4 February 2013

Moon Wind

Conversations with others have shown that my trip around the Wheel is a little unusual but the purpose of it is clear!  Normally people focus on their roles and the five totems that go with them.  this is the bulk of what we are and what we do.  Instead of looking at these I dived into a journey with the Moons which is lovely and bountiful and has been such a source of goodness for me.  It seems if our Moons are broken or unbalanced then so are our Roles / Winds and we have to go back to our Moons to fix things.  Moons are our ego, our inner child.

So I don't know my five main totems but I know most of my Moon totems which is an unusual way round to be!

I found my first eight Moon totems as we processed through each Moon.  This drew to a halt at the Blue Moon and we began again.  However, last year was the Moon of Breaking Masks for me and I found my totem for that Moon during that year and this year is my Moon of Reason and I have found my totem for this Moon too!  I have to wait a few Moons to reach the last two Moons, Humility and Metamorphosis.

I find now that if I am dreaming anything related to any of the Moons, my totem for that Moon appears in the dream.  I like this, it works well for me.  It also leaves me a gap in my Dreaming intent to look at something else and to see what the dreams bring to me, hopefully my totems for the four Winds I am unsure of.  I need to dig at this.  Winds run from New Moon to New Moon and they do not run in sequence so I am unsure if I should work with the Wind of the Moon or the to lok at them in my own sequence. 

I do know that we are currently in the Peacekeeper which sits in my West and that I found a new totem this weekend, or rather, it found me.  I don't know that I want to talk about that here yet, I thnk I want to sit with it for a bit and brew it up, or should that be run?
I don't know why this is the place I set my intents but it is, so I guess I am looking to work out how to work with my Dreamer at looking at my roles.


Wheelkeeper said...

I really enjoy your writing Rose. It is easy to read with a feeling of clarity and intimacy.

There is nothing wrong with exploring your Moon wheel, but it is good to have your anchors in place too.

Rose said...

Thank you Wheelkeeper! I am glad I have devoted some time to my Anchors, they are nearly all in place now and it feels good.